Our method

Our method

At Huid & Laserkliniek Delft we offer various types of skin therapy, cosmetic treatments with injectables and fillers, and pedicure. It is our ambition to help our clients to feel more comfortable in their skin and this starts with a personalised intake appointment. During the intake your personal situation will be discussed and evaluated, we will discuss your skin complaints and your wishes for how you want your skin to look. If you have had any previous treatments, and finally which treatments are suitable for you and your situation.

Our Vision

Healthy skin is a skin that radiates, is uniform in colour and feels smooth. Your skin is a reflection of how you feel; it turns grey when you are tired or sick and you get pimples when you experience hormone fluctuations. Through smoking or too much sun your skin ages much faster. Unfortunately and contrary to the advertisements seen on TV, you can not improve the condition of your skill by simply using a face cream. At Huid & Laserkliniek Delft we believe it is important to consider the whole package, which includes nutrition and medical factors when discussing your skin.

Sharing our knowledge with you

It is important to us that you feel welcome at our clinic, but most importantly that you are able to discuss your issues with professionals who take them seriously and that you have the opportunity to discuss all the options available to you. We always use our professional opinion to advise, but the choice of treatment is of course down to you. If we feel that you could receive better treatment elsewhere then we will always refer you to another specialist. It is extremely important to us that all of our clients feel like they are in trusted hands and that they have a pleasant experience. For this reason we always share our knowledge with you, so that you can learn and understand the causes of skin problems and therefore understand how they can be treated.

Feeling good and confident in your skin

A treatment often goes by so fast; before you know it it’s over. It is so incredible how the skin can so easily recover from a treatment. The skin renews itself from inside out leaving you not only looking great on the outside, but also giving you confidence in yourself again. It is important to ask as many questions as you want during an intake appointment, there are often more than you think. 




Up to date, modern laser with 34 functions

In our clinic we work with the M22 laser from Lumenis, a hypermodern and powerful laser and IPL platform, which only skin therapists and doctors are allowed to work with. The laser has 4 hand pieces, with which we can treat 34 different disorders. The device is used in many specialist hospitals and we are extremely proud to be able to offer specialist treatments in the heart of Delft.

Precise, Selective and done in no time

The laser machine can sometimes come across as a little overwhelming. Sometimes people think that a laser radiates through your body, but fortunately that is not the case. A laser only penetrates the skin a few millimetres in and works very precisely and selectively. Because lasers work with light waves and heat, we can very consciously treat one colour or spot and leave the surrounding skin completely untouched. A treatment often lasts only a few seconds and the only thing you feel is a pinprick and some warmth.


In onze kliniek werken we met de M22 laser van Lumenis, een hypermodern en krachtig laser- en IPL-platform, waarmee alleen huidtherapeuten en artsen mogen werken. De laser heeft 4 handstukken, waarmee we 34 (!) verschillende aandoeningen kunnen behandelen. Het apparaat staat in vele ziekenhuizen en we zijn dan ook trots dat wij nu ook vanuit hartje Delft veel mensen ermee kunnen helpen.

Precies, selectief en zo klaar

Zo’n laserapparaat kan er best een beetje spannend uitzien. Soms denken mensen dat een laser dwars door je lichaam straalt, maar dat is gelukkig niet zo. Een laser dringt maar een paar mm de huid in en werkt daar heel precies en selectief. Omdat lasers werken met lichtgolven en warmte, kunnen we heel gericht één kleur of plekje behandelen en de omringende huid volledig met rust laten. Een behandeling duurt vaak maar enkele seconden en het enige dat je voelt is een speldenprikje en wat warmte.

Afbeelding kader


Uw persoonsgegevens en medische gegevens slaan wij digitaal op. Dit doen wij om goede zorg aan u te kunnen verlenen. Het opslaan van uw gegevens doen wij volgens ons privacy- en dataveiligheidsbeleid. Lees hier meer (PDF).