Keratosis pilaris


Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is a very common skin condition which is caused by buildup of keratin in the hair follicles. It very commonly occurs on the outers parts of the upper arms and legs, buttocks and sometimes the face. Around a quarter of the population suffers from this skin condition. It often first appears at a very young age. It also often affects people who suffer from conditions, such as: allergies, sensitivities, hay fever and eczema)


To treat keratosis pilaris it is important to focus on the use of products which will smoothen the dried out and rough skin structure. The thickened skin layers can be thinned out by applying ureum (10% or higher), salicylic acid or vitamin A acid. A combination of a few chemical peels with lactic acid offer even better results in the treatment of keratosis pilaris. Lactic acid has a scientifically proven positive effect on the skin. Do not try to pick at the small pimples, this may cause scarring. Unfortunately, there is nog method to make keratosis pilaris permanently. But there are options to better the structure of the skin.


Using a scrubbing washcloth on the skin in combination with a pH-neutral soap will improve the skin. Use a cream which contains 10% ureum daily, Eucerin 10% urea lotion is available at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft. Creams which contain a high percentage of lactic acid (20%) can also offer a positive effect to keratosis pilaris. Yet, these creams are not available in the Netherlands. A shortage on vitamin C can also be a cause of keratosis pilaris. Vitamin C can be added to your diet by consuming food which contains high levels of vitamin C, or by taking vitamin C supplements.