As with other paramedical professions, such as physiotherapy, a number of treatments offered by the skin therapist are eligible for reimbursement. You can find out everything which your are eligible for in your policy conditions.

Skin therapy, which is eligible for reimbursement:

These treatments are always reimbursed from the supplementary package that you have chosen yourself. For acne therapy, camouflage therapy and laser therapy, no contract is required with a health insurer and you will be reimbursed 100% of the maximum insured amount. The 75% reimbursement that a 'non-contracted care provider' uses can therefore be confusing, however, this does not apply to these treatments. If you are in doubt whether or not something is reimbursed, please contact your health insurer.

Reimbursement from the basic insurance:

In order to get reimbursements for treatments when you only have basic insurance, the care provider must have a contract with the health insurance company.

  • Edema therapy is an example of this.

Why choose a skin therapist?

Treatments carried out by a beautician used to be covered by health insurance however, health insurers are stricter nowadays and many state in the conditions that a treatment is only reimbursed if it is performed by a skin therapist.

Skin therapists are freely accessible to everyone. Some insurers still require a referral from the general practitioner or dermatologist.

Benefits of a skin therapist:

  • Expert and reliable advice
  • Educated paramedically and HBO
  • Working according to a quality system
  • Member of the professional association NVH and quality register paramedics
  • BIG registered and close collaboration with doctors