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Dermamelan Intimate

Skin ageing and pigmentation in the intimate areas: an aesthetic problem. Perhaps you are reluctant to do something about it? Know that many men and women have to deal with discoloration in armpits, groin and pubic area. With an insecure feeling as a result. Fortunately, we can do something about it! The Dermamelan Intimate treatment is a proven effective remedy with a corrective and regulatory effect. At the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft, we specialise in treating these intimate areas. Always with care.


Pigmentation is unpredictable. Sometimes a lot of pigment suddenly appears in one place (hyperpigmentation), even in the intimate areas. There are various causes: genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, but also ageing of the tissue. In many cases, our skin therapists can really do something constructive about this. So, together we will find the cause and make a plan for the right pigmentation treatment.

Dermamelan Intimate from Huid & Laser Kliniek is a popular pigment treatment, consisting of two components: a mask and home products. Our skin therapists perform this pigmentation treatment regularly and are happy to tell you about it in a free (and confidential) consultation.

To reduce the pigmentation in your intimate areas, we use active ingredients such as fruit acids and vitamins A and C. These vegetable substances inhibit pigmentation and stimulate skin renewal. The combination of the mask and the right home products also make this treatment very effective. With a visible result within 4 to 8 weeks.

Step-by-step Dermamelan Intimate treatment

Are you looking for a professional treatment for pigmentation in Delft? Get to know Dermamelan Intimate. A depigmentation method with beautiful results in the short and long term. This is how we treat your skin in the intimate areas in 6 steps:

Step 1.

We get acquainted, discuss your wishes and study the skin;

Step 2.

The skin therapist carefully cleanses the skin and applies the peeling and mask

Step 3.

The mask does its job in 3 hours, meanwhile you can just go home;

Step 4.

After 48 hours we will be in touch, discuss the progress and make an appointment;

Step 5.

You continue to apply the pigment-inhibiting cream at home;

Step 6.

After two months, we meet again and review the results together.

The Dermamelan Intimate pigmentation treatment stands for skin renewal and pigment reduction in the intimate areas. It is, however, an intensive treatment. The skin renewal can cause some redness, flaking and a "thight" skin. This is all part of the process and is a completely normal reaction. This image is appropriate for the first 4 to 8 weeks. After that, your skin will become calmer.

Number of Dermamelan Intimate pigment treatments

The Dermamelan Intimate treatment is very effective and often we achieve the desired result with one specific treatment. Two weeks after the treatment, we meet for a check-up and a finishing touch at the Huid & Laserkliniek Delft. Three months later we meet again at the clinic to review the final result of your treatment. In total we make three appointments for one treatment.

Rates pigment treatment with Dermamelan Intimate

Dermamelan Intimate package

(Treatment and check-ups are included in the price)

Dermamelan Intimate gel - separate 85,-

Frequently asked questions

For which problems is the Dermamelan Intimate treatment suitable?

For unwanted pigmentation in the intimate areas. Pigmentation in the intimate areas can have several causes, such as ageing of the tissue or genetic predisposition. But also external factors can play a role, for example wearing very tight clothing, hair removal or hormonal changes (due to contraceptives, pregnancy etc.). All these factors can cause dark discolouration in the intimate areas. Do you want to know what causes this? And more importantly, what can we do about it? Then schedule a free consultation now.

What does a Dermamelan Intimate treatment cost?

We offer a Dermamelan Intimate treatment in a favourable total package. This includes: Dermamelan mask, Dermamelan intimate gel and a moisturising cream. This complete treatment is available at Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft for 675,-. Of course, the check-ups after the treatment are also included in this rate.

How can I prepare for a Dermamelan Intimate treatment?

A Dermamelan Intimate treatment is quite an intensive treatment, so good preparation is important. Do not use any other intensive products or creams for at least 1 week prior to the treatment. The mask that we apply remains on the skin. You return home wearing disposable underwear. After instructions, you can cleanse your skin yourself at home. Want to know more? Schedule a free consultation with a dermal therapist in Delft. 

What things should I not do after a Dermamelan Intimate treatment?

The day after the treatment is really a day of rest for your skin. Avoid steam baths, saunas and swimming pools in the weeks following the treatment. Do not use scrubs or peelings either. Our dermal therapists in Delft provide you with professional home products for thorough aftercare; your treatment will benefit from not interrupting the use of these products. Do you want to know exactly what you can and cannot do before, during and after a treatment? Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Can you remove pigmentation with a Dermamelan Intimate treatment?

We like to be transparent; we cannot give you a one hundred percent guarantee. Nevertheless, in most cases our Dermamelan Intimate really does give beautiful results after just one treatment. Pigmentation spots in the intimate areas are significantly reduced. After that, the trick is to continue to inhibit the overproduction of pigment. Want to know what you can do about it? Contact us and we will tell you all about the pigmentation treatment.

What can I do if the pigmentation returns?

Always treat and protect your skin with high-quality products. If the pigment returns slightly or completely, we recommend that you continue to apply the pigment-inhibiting creams. This will not damage the skin.

Is pigment treatment painful?

Dermamelan Intimate is an effective but also intensive treatment. This is not illogical, as your skin renews itself thanks to active ingredients such as fruit acids and vitamins A and C. This can cause redness, a taut feeling on the skin and sometimes some flaking. After 4 to 8 weeks, your skin will calm down and you will see the first results. Does the potential pain make you nervous? Then take the first small step and ask a dermal therapist at the Huid & Laser Kliniek Delft your personal questions.

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Dermamelan Intimate before and after
Dermamelan Intimate before and after

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