Acne littekens

Acne littekens

Unfortunately, acne can leave scarring on the skin once inflammatory pimples have disappeared. At Huid & Laserkliniek Delft we can make acne scarring less visible with the help of laser therapy and chemical peels.

Types of treatable acne scars:

  • Scars below the surface of the skin (atrophic)
  • Scars on top of the skin surface (hypertrophic)

Treatment methods

Mild acne scarring can be treated by laser therapy or chemical peels. Deeper to severe acne scarring can be treated by applying laser therapy. Once a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is also present, which is a dark coloration of the skin after an inflammation or skin damage, the appliance of chemical peels is preferred.

In addition to the treatments described above, the appliance of medical camouflage therapy to the acne scarring is also a great solution. The camouflage products by Lira, Dermacolor and Jane Iredale are available at Huid & Laserkliniek Delft.