Veins and rednesses

Veins and rednesses

Over time, unsightly red (couperose) and purple-blue veins may develop on your skin. They often look like a network of thin lines that lie just under the skin. These capillaries have broken down and are no longer functional. They are innocent, but do not go away by themselves. At Huid & Laser kliniek Delft we can easily and effectively remove them with the help of laser therapy.

Unsightly veins

  • Couperose (red veins in the face)
  • Rosacea (veins which appear with small pimples on the face)
  • Spider naevus (small red spider head)
  • Cherry gum (small red bump or blood bladder)
  • Wine stain (naevus flammeus)
  • Red spot in the neck (poikiloderma of civatte)
  • Stork bite (small red spot (often) in the neck)
  • Red cheeks (flushing)
  • Leg veins (berry hopper)

Small superficial veins (couperose)

The above listed problems can be effectively treated at our clinic. The M22 laser has 2 special attachments which offer a range of possibilities. The IPL attachment is used for the superficial vessels and emits light into your skin with very high intensity. The light only detects the broken capillaries and leaves the rest of your skin alone. The redness can be treated within seconds without causing any scabbing to the area. This method is often used on the face.